Role and business model

Services of nanocenters for producers of nanotechnological products:

  • Services in packaging and structuring innovative projects, including the allocated (backs-off) projects of production companies.
  • Consulting services:
    • management consulting (development and deployment of the development strategy, business plans, business models, business process optimization);
    • marketing services (conducting customized market research, development of sales plan);
    • technological consulting, including conducting scientific and technical examination;
    • services in patenting;
    • legal services;
    • accounting maintenance;
    • organization of thematic seminars, trainings;
    • organization of training.
  • Attraction of financing in a startup company, including conducting examinations, preparation of documents and structuring transactions.
  • Providing the necessary equipment for rent / sublease.
  • Organization of support and maintenance of the equipment by means of outsourcing.
  • Providing office rooms and the required production platform on the basis of the Special Economic Zone "Dubna";
  • Conducting custom development work, prototyping, improvement of development, engineering and industrial design.