Fund of infrastructure and educational programs of RUSNANO

The fund of infrastructure and educational programs is created based on the Federal law "About Reorganization of Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies" of 27.07.2010 No. 211-FZ. The purpose of Fund is development of innovative infrastructure in the sphere of the nanotechnologies, including implementation which are already begun by RUSNANO of educational and infrastructure programs. The chairman of the board of the Fund which is collegial body of management is the chairman of the board of LLC RUSNANO Managing Company Anatoly Chubais, the CEO of the Fund Andrey Svinarenko.

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

The international intergovernmental research organization created on the basis of the Agreement signed by eleven founder countries on March 26, 1956 and the registered UN on February 1, 1957. The institute is created for the purpose of combination of efforts, scientific and material potential of state members for studying of fundamental properties of matter.

Members of JINR are 18 States: the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Bulgaria, socialist Republic of Vietnam, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Democratic people's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Cuba, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Slovak Republic, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech Republic. At the governmental level, Agreements have been signed on cooperation with Hungary, Germany, Egypt, Italy, Serbia and the Republic of South Africa.

JSC Concern Radio engineering and information systems

Open joint stock company "Concern Radio Engineering and Information Systems" which major shareholder is JSC RTI unites the leading Russian enterprises having high scientific and potential production and experience of implementation of projects, unique on complexity, in the sphere of high technologies. JSC Sistemy RTI Concern was created in 2000. Scientific and technical and productive activity of Concern is performed in such high-tech industries as radio engineering, complex communication systems and safety, driving equipment. The concern is one of the world leaders in the field of an over-the-horizon radar-location and the leading Russian developer in the field of a powerful above-the-horizon radar-location.

CJSC IT Company

The leading Russian system integrator, created in 1990, is an example of the successful, steadily developing russian company providing to the customers a full range of professional services on creation of corporate information systems and their maintenance throughout lifecycle. The powerful regional network of the company consisting of more than 20 branches in Russia, provides operational provision of services of IT and support of customers in all the territory of the Russian Federation and the adjacent countries.