Founded: 2012

Product/service: Electrochromic device with a solid electrolyte on the flexible substrate

Development of solid-state electrochromic film for glasses. Electrochromic systems are able to adjust visual (darkening / brightening) and IR light transmission under a low current (3-5 V). Developed electrochromic material on the flexible base can be used not only for making primary electrochromical surfaces (ones having such properties on the construction) but also for modification of glasses in use (architectural, automobile and others).

Extrusion Machines

Founded: 2007

Product/service: Nanocomposite plastic pipes with improved polymer-metal adhesion

The company develops new-type products on the base of multy-layer metal-plastic composites. Unique technology allows to produce nanocomposite metal-plastic pipes with enhansed polymer-metal adhesion and fittings for them. The main advantages are: decreasing the cost of the pipeline system up to 3 times, durability, environmental friendliness, corrosion resistance, minimization of installation waste, flexibility for connection methods.

Crystal Oil

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Antifrictional greases based on Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystal

Project technology is based on the insertion of nanoslace particles of the Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystal into consictent grease. Unlike most of the fillers that are used as additives, quasicrystals do not form secondary aggregates so the uniform distribution of the filler remains constant. This considerably increases the service life of the bearings and other friction units without continuous supply of lubricant.

Crystal Energy

Founded: 2014

Product/service: Bioactivator for chlorella cultivation based on Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystal

Development of a chlorella biological activator in the form of powders and coatings, which suppresses the development of other types of microalgae. The main consumers are agro-industrial complexes and pharmaceutical companies. The technology can be applied also for sewage treatment and the production of biofuels

Vita Plasma

Founded: 2013

Product/service: Track-etched membranes for blood plasma filters

Development of a new generation of track-etched membranes to create plasmafilters for microflow plasma elimination during plasmapheresis procedures on small animals in veterinary clinics, development and production of vehicles and plasmafilters.


Founded: 2012

Product/service: New type strips for teeth whitening


Development of whitening strips based on biomedical polymer adhesives. The developed films are not noticeable and can slowly dissolve in a mouth for 2-4 hours. Strips do not stick to mucosal tissues and do not affect the diction. Production cost is reduced by eliminating laminating step. Usage can be possible in any environment (home, office, sleep).


Super Adhesives

Founded: 2014

Product/service: Superadhesive materials for defferent uses

The company develops technology for production new superadhesives intended for construction, aerospace and defense industries, medicine and microelectronics. Application of superadhesive materials does not require special surface treatment allows to instantly glue heterogeneous surfaces can be applied to wet surfaces and adhesion underwater. Project technology allows reversible adhesion.

Switchable Adhesives

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Thermal switchable adhesives for different uses

The company develops technology for termoswitchable adhesives to create labels and painlessly removed films to protect the surgical area. The product is the adhesive, wherein high strength adhesive bonding is combined with an ease of its removal from the surface in a specific range of external parameters. All components are approved for use in medical practice


Founded: 2012

Product/service: Portable chargers based on fuel cells with disposable replaceable cartridges

The company develops a unique portable charger. Internal "fuel" for electric power generation is plain water and powder of activated aluminium. Aluminum reacting with water is being oxidized and releases hydrogen which passing through the membrane of the fuel unit is immediately converted to steam by capturing oxygen from the air, so the membrane produces an electric current. This is an eco-friendly technology. The product is used for charging batteries and external power supply of any portable electronic devices in absence of an electrical network.


Founded: 2013

Product/service: lntegrated power and data transmission system via single fiber optic cable

Project technology allows to create complex energy efficient solutions for objects and territories, providing simultaneous transmission of energy and data over long distances.The technology allows to design security systems, Wi-Fi, lighting and power supply of the individual objects and territories, of streets and cities with minimal installation time (4 hours per 1 km)


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Organosilicon nanostructured luminophores

The company offered a fundamentally new approach to the creation of scintillators. It has developed and offered a new type material - silicone nanostructured phosphors. Due to this structure two basic parameters of the luminophore are improved: the plastic scintillator light output increases to 120% (relative to the standard), and decreases the decay time to 1.7 seconds. In turn, this significantly improves consumer characteristics of detectors: the sensitivity is increased by 50%, the energy resolution by 10%, operation time in two times, material consumption is reduced by 30%.

Porphyrine cream

Founded: 2013

Product/service: cosmetics with porphyrin molecules

The project is developing cosmetic products line with the use of porphyrin molecules for photodynamic therapy of acne and inflammatory processes in the skin. Proposed hematoporphyrin derivative has the ability to penetrate the skin and mucous membranes without permeant additives. The drug accumulates in areas of inflammation and proliferating cells, eliminates skin defects, improves appearance and structure, normalizes metabolism and the mechanisms of cell division, stimulates collagen biosynthesis.

Nanodiamond cream

Founded: 2013

Product/service: sun-protective cosmetic product

The project is devoted to the technology ofsunscreens containing nanodiamonds. Nanodiamonds are superactive sorbents, have a high UV refractive index, reinforce the effect of biologically active substances. Ultradispersed diamonds are non-toxic, have a high adsorbtion activity, and thus are efficient antioxidants that are dinding free radicals


Founded: 2011

Product/service: Filter systems based on the new generation of high-performance track membranes

Development of manufacturing technology of a new generation track-etched membranes for filtration systems and products based on them. Main products are asymmetric track membranes with increased productivity, analytical filters for laboratory research in biology, chemistry, geology; analitical test systems for biology, medicine and ecology


Founded: 2011

Product/service: Matrix gamma detector based on the new semiconductor material - gallium arsenide

The company develops producing technology for advanced semiconductor gamma-ray detectors based on the compensated gallium arsenide (GaAs: Cr), for use in nano-industry, medicine (scanners, X-ray machines), biology, high energy physics and other fields


Founded: 2011

Product/service: Silicic micropixel avalanche photodetectors

Development of MAPD (micropixel avalanche photodiode - a photodetector for detecting light of ultra-low intensities) matrix manufacturing technology. Devices are intended for nuclear medicine applications - positron emission tomography combined with magnetic resonance imaging (PET / MRI), as well as for the production of individual components and assemblies from MAPD of different configurations to use in high-energy physics, nano-industry and other areas


Founded: 2011

Product/service: Reconfigurable microwave devices with optocouplers control

Technology development and production of photoconductive microwave reflective keys and phased array antennas on their basis for radio communication systems, satellite communications and radar.


Founded: 2013

Product/service: Oxide ceramic targets production

Ceramic targets for functional coatings manufacturing. Produced coatings are used in the different types of glasses: energy-saving low-emissive glasses, onboard display systems coatings, anti-static and thermal control structural elements of space vehicles, transparent electrodes for solar thin-film transducers and transparent conductive coatings for LCD, OLED displays.

Protective coatings

Founded: 2013

Product/service: Technology company developing water-repellent, antiseptic and protective coatings

The project is devoted to the technology for the thin film coatings with water-repellent, antiseptic and protective properties for glass, building materials, textiles, leather and other surfaces.


Founded: 2013

Product/service: Technology company developing quasicrystal technologies

Technology company developing production methods and industrial applications of quasicrystals. The developed technologies will be used to create a de-icing, anti-friction, heatprotective & non-stick coatings and lubricants

Smart Adhesives

Founded: 2013

Product/service: Technology company developing adhesives with given properties

Technology company developing new hydrophilic adhesive nanomaterials (pressure-sensitive adhesives). The developed technology allows to create materials with predetermined properties in the directions: conductive, biomedical, thermoswithcable adhesives, superadhesives.

Cosmeseutical Incubator

Founded: 2014

Product/service: Cosmetics and cosmeseuticals business incubator

The business incubator in the field of cosmetics production.The main directions of development are: 1) The development of start-ups in the field of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals using the experience of industrial players; 2) Communication setting between Russian cosmetic companies, research groups and entrepreneurs; 3) Formation of the projects, who can become the target of M&A deals for Russian cosmetic companies in the future.

Dubna Light

Founded: 2014

Product/service: LED devices of high efficiency and reliability

Creation of a software and hardware system for the heat management in LED systems. Organization of thermal management, simulation and monitoring of dynamic parameters, including deterioration of characteristics. Development of corresponding technical regulations and organization of process control for the production of LED products, devices and systems.

Innovation development Europe Center

Founded: 2014

Product/service: eLOC mobile systems for multiparameter individual express-immunodiagnostics

The company products are based on the technology of electronic laboratories on chips (eLOC). With the help of an electronic chip and a reader signal "antigen-antibody" immediately translates into an electric, which provides multi-parameter analyse of the diseases (up to 250 tests simultaneously), small sample volume (a drop of blood), mobility and rapidity (analysis time is about 5-10 min)

ReadSense Genome Center

Founded: 2014

Product/service: DNA-sequencing technologies

Universal Laboratory for Genomic Research, meets the requirements for clinical laboratories. Range of tasks varies from human genetics to the industrial biotechnology. The company owns the only sequencerthat is approved by FDA for medical diagnosis - MiSeq Dx (Illumina) The laboratory carries out a full cycle research from biomaterial to interpreting genome-wide data for a wide range of applications.

NPO Crystal

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Technology for babbitt hardening with quasicrystal system Al-Cu-Fe

Creation of a new composite material based on the babbitt alloy with the addition of a quasicrystal system Al-Cu-Fe. The product greatly increases the lifetime of the main friction units in turbine engines and power machinery. The project is developing industrial manufacturing technology for babbitt with quasicrystals and compositions of different materials based on the technical requirements.

Intellectual composing solutions

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Intellectual anticorrosion pipe coatings

Two-level corrosion protection of pipelines. It consists of a cathodic protection, which should provide the polarization of metal above the corrosion potential (the cost of the protection setting up to 12-15 times lower than standard) and an insulating protective coating that prevents the penetration of corrosive medium to the metal surface


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Service company for scientific and technical expertise

Service company providing highly professional services for nanocenter and external markets in the field of scientific and technical expertise, optimization and automation, commercialization of scientific and technical activities, finances, law, etc.

Engeneering Incubator

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Engineering incubator for smart thin film coatings and composite materials

The project focuses on thin film coatings and composite materials. He plays the role of the management company for the complex distributed engineering and analytical equipment of the Nanocentre Dubna. The company also carries out R&D tasks on the target areas for various industries, supports in testing and certifying of high-tech products.

Superhydrophobic Coatings

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Super hydrophobic textile treatment using supercritical CO2

The project is developing a technology for manufacturing coating with water-repellent properties for glass, building materials, textiles, metal, leather and other surfaces. The hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties are provided by treating the surface with the supercritical CO2, or fluorine-containing oligomeric compounds.

Superhydrophobic protective Coatings

Founded: 2014

Product/service: Super hydrophobic and anti-ice coatings

The company is engaged in the development and implementation in manufacturing the technology for de-icing superhydrophobic coating. The product is intended to prevent icing of wires and roofs, as well as can be used in shipbuilding and aviation.

Clinical Genomic Institute

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Genetic test for diseases detection

Integrated hardware and software solution for rapid identification of more than 100 genetic diseases through saliva analysis. The product consists of software and database, as well as targeted test panels on the 2-5 genes for analysis. Accumulated database allows to recommend a small test instead of expensive complex research on the base of the patient clinical data.


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Technologies for organic and inorganic photovoltaics

Russian Center of Competence in photovoltaics. The main specialization - the technology of organic (OPV) and inorganic (CIGS) photovoltaics on flexible and solid substrates for different applications. The center was created for the aims of opening of new businesses in photovoltaics in Russia, training of technology teams and opening global markets for photovoltaic projects of the center participants


Founded: 2014

Product/service: Antioxidant cream

Development and implementation in cosmetic compositions a new generation active ingredient, which significantly accelerates the regeneration of the skin, promotes active transport of oxygen through the epidermal barrier. Designed component belongs to a class of antioxidants.


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Enzyme cosmetics

Development of a new cosmeceutical composition based on the proteolytic enzyme Subtilisin (Bacillus subtilis protease). Matched activity of the composition contributes to the soft removal of the top layer of the epidermis.


Founded: 2014

Product/service: Smart grid elements

The project is dedicated to the technology of integrated power and data transmission lines via a single wire and pilot projects in the field of remote supply of telecommunication equipment


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Peptide cosmetic of anti-age segment

Implementation of modern Russian scientific developments in Russia's first cosmetics brand of an anti-age segment. The claimed effect is achieved by the injection of the peptide composition and the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid


Founded: 2015

Product/service: New SAS for different uses

Creating a container with rapidly disappearing foam for referees at football matches. The product is developed according to the principles of "green" chemistry in collaboration with practicing judges.

VacuTech Dubna

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Vacuum devices

Design and manufacture of vacuum systems, defect-free spraying, plasma-chemical and atomic layer deposition facilities, accessories and equipment for post-processing.


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Portable skin analyser

Non-surgical skin diagnostic technology with optical methods, using different light spectra. Diagnosis of pore sizes and the number of skin defects is based on the computer vision system. Development of a portable analyzer for the skin based mobile phone.


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Liposome composition in gel matrix for cosmeseutical uses

The line of cosmeceutical compositions with encapsulated active ingredients. Active components are included in the cavity of the liposomes. This structure ensures the prolonged action effect of therapeutical substances enclosed in the liposome. The microencapsulated active substances due to the nano scale can penetrate the skin and targeted model properties.


Founded: 2016

Product/service: Gradient-layered heterogeneous composite materials based on thermoplastic polymers

Development of technology for high-strength connections products made of rigid thermoplastics. The development of a fundamentally new (in terms of organization structure) composite polymeric nanomaterials with enhanced physical and mechanical properties


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Wound healing composite gel

Creating a new wound-healing medicament. Gel composite prevents and inhibits the development of secondary necrosis, as well as strengthening the immune system. It activates the biosynthesis of proteins and, thus, provides accelerated healing of severe wounds and also helps to reduce the rehabilitation period for wounded


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Thermoplastic nanomodified polyimides as composite material binders

Development of technology and production of monomers and nanomodified thermoplastic polyimide binders for composite materials with the best-in-class performance for the needs of high-tech industries. Applications: Powermachinebuilding (hydro and gas turbines), high current electrical engineering (polyimide insulating materials in the form of coatings and films), aerospace, nuclear industry.


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Elements of terahertz and infrared optics based on vanadium dioxide

Production technology for THz and IR range optical materials based on vanadium dioxide. Due to the new technology a significant improvement in the electrical properties of the phase transition in vanadium dioxide is achieved

Dentospek & Dentospek RD

Founded: 2015

Product/service: The device and toothpaste for fluorescence diagnosis of dental enamel

Development and production of a device to diagnose conditions of dental enamel. Consists of a dental camera with a fluorescence analyzer and a special paste, which will determine the micro-defects in the enamel. The composition of the paste include nanoparticles of aluminum phthalocyanine. Under the irradiation this composition allows to detect microdamages inaccessible to other methods of diagnosis. The goal - improving the efficiency of early diagnosis and prevention of periodontal disease.


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Technology company for top agricultural technologies

Technology company developing new technologies of efficient agriculture in large cities, customized solutions for small consumers. Company competence cover 4 development areas: farming systems, selection and integration of greenhouse solutions, effective technologies to create a favorable microclimate, biotechnology

NanoService Distribution

Founded: 2015

Product/service: Service for selling products manufactured by project companies

Service company providing sales and marketing for the products designed by project companies of IINC and other nanotechnological centers in the network structure of state purchasing and procurements of large corporate customers.


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Cosmetic composition with innovative peptide substance

The development of non-opioid peptide antistress-cream with the analgesic effect. The active component triggers regeneration and repair processes


Founded: 2015

Product/service: Powder and composite materials

Development of technologies for the production of inorganic chemicals produced by powder metallurgy methods, composite materials, and phosphors for the production of luminous materials


Founded: 2016

Product/service: Personalized mixtures for sport nutrition

Development of multi-component natural nutrition mixtures for athletes, as well as tourism and health food. The technology is based on the removal of moisture at the reflux temperature of liquid nitrogen. Through this method it is possible to avoid the loss of biologically active substances by reducing the water content of 5-7%

SmartElectroGlass TM

Founded: 2016

Product/service: Electrochromic glasses manufacturing

Development of a universal installation for depositing thin films on glass by deepcoating method, scaling electrochromic glass manufacturing technology, management of the production of glasses (the size up to 150 * 230 cm)

TC New Electronics

Founded: 2016

Product/service: Technology company for new electronic products

Technology company in the field of a new electronics based on thin-film technology. Focus - projects in the field of flexible thin-film electronics targeted at the end consumer. The company is focused on the rapid and inexpensive test of hypotheses.

Industrial Design Factory

Founded: 2016

Product/service: Industrial design services

Technology company providing services in industrial design, simulation, prototyping, engineering and setting to production. Giving an openspace for start-ups in the field of industrial design and creation of the accelerator for material-based start-ups in the direction of industrial design


Founded: 2016

Product/service: Micellized systems for the cosmetics industry

A cosmetic line, in which the active components are encapsulated in micelles, which will provide their bioavailability, safety and prolongation of the effect.


Founded: 2016

Product/service: Universal epoxy binders for printed circuit boards and radio-electronic components

Development of protective heat sink compounds (paste with high thermal conductivity) to fill the printed circuit boards and radio-electronic components, the development of compounds with desired acoustic properties for the respective sensors and emitters